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Atlanta Satellite & Communication (Pvt) Limited (Al Khalidiah International) is an  manufacturer and exporter of high quality satellite receiving equipment. A privately held company, Al Khalidiah International Trading Est. began over 10 years ago by distributing satellite products throughout the Middle East and Indian Sub-continent.  As a leading supplier in the industry, established a reputation for customer satisfaction that eventually lead to the development of their own line of satellite products under the brand name yATLANTAp  .  Backed by extensive research and development, yATLANTAp  is now available in many countries throughout North America, Middle East, Europe and Africa through a network of distributors.

We believe our role is to provide the gateway to open the era of the digital technology & multimedia world. By doing so, it is our hope that yATLANTAp  products can play invaluable role to improve the quality of life in this millennium. yATLANTAp  has managed to become a world-class company to meet various demands for the first wave of digital set-top box products. Nevertheless, the best testimony for our performance is our valuable customers. We have made every effort and investment in R&D, production, inventory and human resources, to fulfill customer needs, promptly and thoroughly. We will continue to make every possible effort to achieve our corporate goals, i.e. to improve productivity and provide customer satisfaction.
yATLANTAp , the customer is our partner. yATLANTAp has always been a partnership led organization where the partner comes first in every field, be it in terms of sales & service, or even anticipating what future trends a client will favor yATLANTAp  has ensured total Partnership satisfaction to all its customer.

Lastly in addition to satellite equipment business, the company has also diversified into bulk shipment of building material (items like Plywood, timber, logs, steel), Petrochemicals, PP & Jumbo Bags  to/from various parts of the globe and has in house manufacturing facility for electric cable and wires. As a part of diversification the group has also entered the trade of Diamond and Diamond Jewelry mainly for wholesale and exports ( 

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